Charlie McGrath and Doug Owen look at the lighter side of impending doom!

In this 50th episode of the Doomcast, Charlie McGrath and Doug Owen discuss the downing the Malaysian Airliner over Ukraine, and what this means for Western relations with Russia. The war crimes being committed in Gaza, verses the corporate media’s propaganda, and other recent events are the focus in this conversation.

11:30 — US Sanctions against Russia hurt the UCS economy. Are AK-47’s banned from import by Executive Order 13662? Mikhail Kalashnikov is still dead. Producer Craig wants a
15:30 — What better than 298 dead citizens could get “Russian sanction fence sitters” off the fence? Hey NATO is relevant once again! WAS THE SHOOTDOWN OF THE PASSENGER JET OVER UKRAINE A FALSE FLAG?
18:00 — BRICS Announce $100 Billion Reserve To Bypass Fed, Developed World Central Banks
21:00 — Talking points on the Race to the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 crash Blame Game. How could Russia gain from this, if at all? How will the Blame Game spin go on the great “Who done it”?
27:30 – Let’s Talk about Gaza! Funny the ground invasion starts as Flight MH17 crashes. Are Doomers anti-Israel? Israel Launches Ground Invasion of Gaza
37:00 — Racism is something America is used to. Everyone is a racist, but it does not mean everyone thinks they are better than others. Racism and Supremacy are two different things. Latin Woman are the Hottest. God cannot be your real-estate broker.
43:45 — THIS LAND IS MINE (God and Kalashnikov are my real-estate broker)
46:00 — Rick Perry and his gay glasses give Charlie the Douche-Chills
49:00 — Thanks Doomers for the Doomnations! Would a Doomcast on Canada be good? Crap Ya! Charlie deep dives into his love of Canada. Thanks truckers for not being high on crystal meth and killing us!
56:30 — Bike Lanes are in places that are going to get people killed by the tyranny of good intentions
59:00 — The new economy is the green economy