Charlie McGrath and Doug Owen look at the lighter side of impending doom!

0:00 — Intro. 1000 ohm’s law. Radio Shack isn’t exactly closed

13:00 — Charlie has been on the road 2 months

13:30 — Cage match about energy, motives, and Beanie Babies (WARNING Drama)

40:00 — Diverse investments protect America from the cage match above

40:30 — Energy is the reason for all the bull crap

41:00 — It ain’t about the Silk Road anymore

41:30 — If you don’t have energy, you don’t get bombed with Democracy by the West

42:00 — Republicans write letter to Iran and the end of western dominance of the NWO

45:00 — How can Iran be faulted for wanting Nukes? Nuke nations have a spot at the table and don’t get bombed with Democracy

49:00 — Maybe the US should stop arming zealots around the world? Arab nations fund ISIS so they attack “other” nations. Is that protection money?

51:00 — Supporting barbarians south of the border in Mexico to protect energy and create faux democracy

53:00 — Bloodlust of the druid overlords

54:00 — ISIS has program to support handicap solders

56:30 — The hypocrisy of “OMG how dare ‘they’ develop new weapons!”

57:10 — Russia has hard ass soldiers ready to go to war with AK-47’s

59:30 — Without a bad guy how does a government control?

01:00:00 — Capital Controls to control the people internationally

01:02:00 — Hillary’s emails & is she too dirty to be the next president

01:04:30 — Not a show without Palin squirting while looking at Russia from her house

01:06:00 — Sara thanks for the $35!

0:00 — Into, Kid Talk, and Happy Birthday Wee Nipper Doom

13:30 — BATF to ban M855 / SS109 ammo


35:30 — Thanking a few people (Thanks for Support!)

39:00 — Food is too fried in the South & Government Roofs at the Roofing Trade Show Charlie went to

45:30 — Doug and Charlie talk about “Can you lose your ass in a government contract” and getting hit with the $500 hammer

58:00 — The trade offs of low oil prices. When someone is losing someone is winning. Infest in “Beef Wells”

1:02:00 — Doug, Token Ring, and PFM

1:08:00 — How companies think “Short term gains”. How many green handicap parking spots in front of your business?

0:00 — Intro. Is the personal life of Doug and Charlie news?
4:00 — The Pacific Northwest and Canada are awake
5:30 — Ukraine: 50 Russian tanks and 40 missile systems rolled into the country while Putin talked peace or did they?
7:30 — What is wrong with Producer Craig?
7:45 — Dougs struggle with the GPS State. Do you want to wait 5 days to get a light fixed?
28:45 — Charlie is the contrarian for a change on Dougs struggle with the GPS State
35:00 — On wrongful termination and keeping fat chicks in offices happy
39:20 — What makes a job worth while? Nobody wants to work at slavemart
41:30 — Where would you go to buy building materials.
43:30 — Doug would hang out a shingle but wouldn’t have as much time to screw around
47:10 — Will Doug send the letter?
48:15 — Dougs new ringtone
50:30 — Charlies girlfriends dog isn’t well
51:30 — Outro. Peace out Ya’ll!

0:00 — Intro. Happy Birthday 45 years old ProducerCraig33, he does not look a day over 65!

1:00 — Let’s get into Charlie’s struggle with AERD the Asthma Triad… the damage done is minimal

20:00 — Don’t kiss me I haven’t been vaccinated.  Flu jab is a waste of time for 97% of patients: Vaccine developed only a year ago no longer ‘matches’ because the virus has mutated so much

22:00 — GOP Hero Ben Carson Supports Mandatory Vaccination

30:30 — Charlie’s son goes to see American Sniper. What role is Media & Holywood playing in peoples lives? Is it a deity?

40:45 — Book report by Charlie on “The Long Walk”. Ain’t no way it happened!

44:00 — Doug is a Full-On, Full-Time, Full Throttle Father, and has no time to read about the Masons but would like to

45:45 — Thanks for the donation Sara you rock!

46:30 — Talk about having health insurance and not having health insurance

52:30 — Obamacare