Charlie McGrath and Doug Owen look at the lighter side of impending doom!

Charlie McGrath
Rense Radio Network

If you think for one second that this western sponsored Ukraine debacle doesn’t have Global DOOM written all over it then think again.

Belligerent talk and promise of more and more sanctions has us on a DoomAlert. We are watching ,and taking very serious  the potential disaster more sanctions could unleash on not just Russia, but the planet.

Like it or not we are tied in a disgusting, incestuous way to the economic hip of Europe, techno treason has made it so, and with Russia supplying over thirty percent of gas energy resources to western Europe they are holding way over the energy the European economy needs to function.

When our double, triple, quadruple talking  politicians in DC talk about sanctions they are playing with fire.  Russia has the ability, and we believe , the motivation to answer any hard sanctions with the interruption , either by price or out right refusal to deliver, of the life’s blood of the EU economy, energy.

If a very shaky EU economic situation is blind sided with a retaliatory Russian energy embargo it would spell economic disaster for Europe with shock waves landing on US shores almost instantly.

And to think our tax dollars helped bring this all about.  Awesome.








0:00 – Intro and getting Microphones working
5:40 – More in common than separating us, be your DoomSelf
13:40 – Congressional Candidate “Shoots Down” Drone in New Ad, but don’t buy it
18:30 – Will the Cliven Bundy Ranch make it past April 19th?
25:40 – Self-aggrandizing piece of crap scumbags using disaster to get their face from alternative to mainstream media
30:00 – Despite deadline, 1 million NY citizens ‘will not comply’ with SAFE Act deadline April 15th
34:00 – Chicagoland: Man pulls sub-machine gun over a 22-cent Pepsi sales tax dispute
37:00 – Shooter at Jewish Command unity center Glenn Miller used as way to tie militia and right wing movement and Bundy Ranch protesters as one
40:00 – Ukraine going south
44:00 – Super Herbs and Ultimate Mail Vitality is touched on
45:45 – iPads as baby sitters may have ill effect
49:10 – Charlie offers half once silver coin as raffle prize to those who donate this week
54:40 – Charlie is building “The Doomcast Signature Ultimate Survival Rifle”
58:00 – Be part of show. Peace out. Charlie doing Doomcast from Canada next week