Charlie McGrath and Doug Owen look at the lighter side of impending doom!

Doomcast 54 – 8.14.2014
0:00 — Intro. Charlie is grumpy. Doug busts Charlie’s stones about crappy microphone, but makes it work
4:30 — Anonymous Releases Police Audio From Day Of Mike Brown Murder
9:30 — Are Cops and Poverty an issue? You are an ATM machine for the state
14:00 — Hey poor people, burn a nicer neighborhood down! “Mobs-be-are-Mobs”
16:00 — Study: Americans Have ‘Near-Zero’ Impact on U.S. Policy
18:00 — U.S. Wages Down 23% Since 2008
21:00 — Doug gets a ticket but makes faux officer Snowden work for it
24:30 — Fast food robots will tank the economy “Humans Need Not Apply”
30:15 — Donate! Doomcast accepts Bitcoin! Shout Outs and Thanks for this weeks donations
35:30 — Hollywood Studios Blacklist Penelope Cruz over Gaza Letter Accusing Israel of ‘Genocide’
44:15 — Ukraine (Who is counting the dead?) Kiev isn’t doing anything, it is the Frakers Backers
48:50 — Doug makes Chicken Chocking Sound
49:00 — Charlie says he will eat Crow, Russia didn’t invade Western Ukraine since last DC
50:25 — Doug makes case for Rich people wanting to stay Rich and a geopolitical case for a hot war in Ukraine not happening. What Putin really wants is a buffer zone
52:00 — Charlie checks his O2 Level
53:10 — Talk on Robin Williams and a theory he died happy and wacking. Anti-depressants maybe make us give too few f*cks about anything. Charlie Bears Soul (again) and Paxil. Robin Williams standup kind of sucked, but his movies were great!
58:45 — Charlie jacks the Outro!

The Doomcast #53- 8.6.2014
0:00 — Intro. Everyone’s face is on the Internet, is that wrong? The Popo scared Doug’s kid. If you are not getting a paycheck from Facebook why are you giving them all your info?
16:20 — Dougs new Windows 8 Laptop and his lamentations on it. He did not want to do it, but had to
17:00 — Charlie is not into Windows Movie Maker on Windows 8
17:40 — Shout outs and thanks for contributions! Doug is buying some smokes cheap on the rez!
21:30 — Here we go, “Is the Ukraine a big deal or not?” Doug does the Smack-Down on the faux Rand document
26:30 — NATO concerned Russia may send troops posed as peacekeepers to invade eastern Ukraine
39:30 — BRIC will not be denied. As America tries to marginalize Russia, it marginalizes itself
42:00 — Russia Ban on imports and Putin is laughing while the US plan in Ukraine falls apart. Charlie predicts before next Doomcast Russian troops will be in Ukraine on humanitarian mission
47:00 — Ebola AKA “Eboli” as Charlie calls it. The Ebola secret sauce. Will this lead to quarantine and martial law?
54:30 — Climate Change Terror “Toledo, Ohio’s drinking water”
59:30 — Department of Agriculture cracks down on seed libraries
1:05:00 — More Should Outs and Peace Out!